The confederate group is the 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry.  

The 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry Regiment consisted of troops raised in Lee, Scott, Wise and Buchanan counties in Virginia for service in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War.  It served as an infantry regiment, a cavalry regiment, and a mounted infantry (dragoon) unit. It fought mostly in western Virginia and Tennessee.
The 64th Regiment Virginia Mounted Infantry was organized in December 1862 in Abingdon, by consolidating the 21st and 29th Virginia Infantry Battalions.
On September 9, a large part of this unit was captured at Cumberland Gap by Union General Ambrose Burnside. This led to many of the captured men being sent to Louisville,Kentucky then later to Camp Douglas (Chicago).


The union group is 9th New York Cavalry Company F
They are based out of Westfield, N.Y. Company F played a large role at Gettysburg, as they were the first shot, first death and first to capture a Confederate.