2018 Lakeview 150th Party Chili cook-off

Friday, June 29


Entries:  $20.00 entry fee

Max- 20 entries

Each entry will receive a custom made T-Shirt LV150 Chili Cook off

Each contestant will make 1.5 gallons  of chili and bring crock pot.

Each contestant will receive 2 free beer tickets


We will have an official judge panel of 3 that will choose a 1st-2nd-3rd

  • The official votes will then be tallied by our official Tallymaster
  • 1st prize 100.00 and bragging rights of course
  • 2nd prize- 50.00 dollars
  • 3rd prize-25.00 dollars


We will have a crowd judged prizes that will be by fan ballots

  • Fans will get a soufflé cup of chili from each contestant
  • The will choose 3 and write them on a card provided
  • They will be dropped off at the end of the tasting line
  • Fans must choose 3 nominees


  • 1st– 50.00
  • 2nd– The unknown gift card
  • 3rd– The unknown gift basket

All contestants must be registered by June 4th and can do so by E-mailing Tim Gallivan at  and further details can be explained.

LV committee will provide tables-souffle cups, electric and ballot cards.

Thank You for supporting The LV150